King IV and Chamayn
November 13, 2004

On a sunny afternoon in November, as brother lay down the burdens of the Crown in to the keeping of another brother, King Invanovich and Chamayn de Castile were crowned at the fifty-fourth monarchs of the sovereign realm of Caid.

During the first court following the coronation of the new monarchs, THL Artemesia Serena of the Potters Guild issued a challenge to the other guilds and artistic groups of the kingdom to provide largess for our King and Queen to use as largesse at Estrella, no more than three months hence.

His majesty emphasized that challenge by throwing the metaphorical gauntlet to all the guilds and Baronies of the Kingdom to provide 20 pieces of largesse to be carried to Estrella.


King King issuing his challenge to the Kingdom guilds, with THL Artemesia looking on, along with HRM Chamayn and Her Excellency Morgaine, Baroness of Angels

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