Newly Invested Prince Gregory, investing Princess Vivian. From the left: Charles of Dublin, Elaine the Merciful, Gregory, (unknown), Vivian (kneeling), Conrad von Regensburg, John ap Griffin, Martin the Temperate, (unknown), Bevin Fraser of Sterling



Argent, a falcon striking, wings displayed proper, on a chief azure three roses argent, each charged with a rose Or, fimbriated sable, all barbed and seeded proper.
colored by Aja du Jardin
Argent, on a bend sinister vertbetween two crescents azure, three lilies palewise argent. Arms by Nicholas Bawcock of Petersfield, used with permission; colored by Evaine MacGreger
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Gregory of York
Vivian Aurore de la Mer
(of Happy Memory...)
Invested November 22, AS X,
1975 CE

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