Description of these events, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)

This is from The History of the West Kingdom, Volume 1 (the only volume produced). When reading this text, please keep in mind the following disclaimer:
Disclaimer: This history may have errors in it, as much of the detail is “remembered” history, or as one of the cover pages of the original type-written manuscript states “The material within is derived from the information printed in The Crown Prints and in The Page, and from the memories of the participants.” The original document was typed on onion-skin paper, with hand-written notes (often in the margins). All attempts have been made to reconcile the notes with the original document.

Annotations, when they are added, are from The Annotated History of the West, Volume 1, which is the same text as Master Wilhelm's mentioned above, with commentary from members of the SCA who were active at the time of the event, and are added to help clarify questions and expand on what happened and why. This volume is copyright © Ken Mayer (Hirsch von Henford). Many thanks to the West Kingdom for their gracious permission to use the material. If you have any comments or annotations, please forward them to .

Medieval Week Festival Tourney -- Barony of the Angels
May 5, 1973

Held at the campus of the California State College, Fullerton, CA. The barony put on a medieval fashion show on the second and on the fifth a demonstration tourney and May Celebration. There was a maypole and lists for the King and Queen of May. There was a cooking contest for main dish, vegetable, and dessert between Katheryn Stuart of Moray and Alejandro de Salamanca for the Golden Rolling Pin.

May Tourney -- Barony of Dreiburgen
May 12, 1973

Held in Fairmont Park, Riverside, CA.
Waldt von Markheim and Alys von Markheim (Alison von Markheim) were the autocrats. There were lists for First Dragon-Slayer of Gorgonoth, fighting, games, the second Barbed Pheon punning contest, breadbaking contests for white, dark, and other, and a contest for non-alcoholic beverages. A revel followed. Thomas of the Double Axe was now Master of Sciences. Christina Jehanne de Bruges won the punning contest and was admitted to the Order of the Barbed Pheon.

May Picnic and Revel -- Barony of the Angels
May 20, 1973

Held at the Mission Viejo Picnic and Nature Trail Area, Mission Viejo, CA. House Irini and the Neo-Pre-Raphaelite Guild were the hosts.

Medievalcon -- Barony of the Angels
May 26-28, 1973
Held in Anaheim, CA. The barony participated.

“Oooh, such a little writeup for such a large event. It was mostly masterminded by John and Bjo Trimble, who were kind of on the outs with the local Barony and wanted to do something medieval that didn't have SCA involvement, as such. Needless to say, a lot of SCA people showed up.
“The hotel was very close to Disneyland, and some folks went there at some point. Given Donald Dachau's rules, they did not go in costume.” – Stefan de Lorraine

“I remember that place! We all thought the name was funny. Gordon Monson, Ginny, myself and one other person walked over there in costume, and on the way back we got stopped by a motorcycle cop, who was concerned over our weapons. The sword was ok, but the daggers were not - he let us go, with a warning. I have often wondered if that incident was the origin of the 'Nah laddie, you got it all wrong - that be a flippen broadsword, THIS be a flippen King!' story that appeared a few years latter - I never bought it that the cop in that story wouldn't have drawn his gun and started shooting - I have seen too many scared cops do that in riots. Anyway - it was a fun event. But an expensive way to do what we all did cheaply at tournies.” – James Greyhelm

“Coming into the area, we passed a restaurant called Chaos. Actually, it was a Chinese place called Chao's. A bunch of us went, in costume, for dinner there one night. Nothing to write home about, though I wasn't quite the Chinese food afficianado then that I am now. For those who wonder, I now live in the area and have been by the locale many times, and I don't think it exists any more. The hotel has certainly undergone several changes in name and appearance since MedievalCon.
“Luise couldn't go, but she sent me down with a load of costumes and I changed outfits every hour or so. I believe I won a prize for costumes. It was a notable event in many ways, not the least because Janet of Breakstone was 9 months pregnant with Branwen and the girl was not coming out, so Janet was doing everything she could to encourage her daughter's departure. This was sufficiently successful that we had to ship Janet home half way through the Con.

“Perhaps the most far-reaching effect of the convention was me noticing that John Trimble had a great announcing voice. I mentioned this to Karina of the Far West the next time I saw her, and she immediately acted on it. Before, John had been at something of a loss at SCA events, not being a fighter or artisan, but once you got a herald's tabard on him, watch out...” – Stefan de Lorraine, who has more stories about the 2nd and 3rd Medievalcons...

“Medievalcon was actually planned AFTER we'd pretty well (in our opinion) settled things with the local SCA folk. But we thought such an event might have a place in the SCA, and the locals didn't want to be responsible for sponsoring it. We felt there were many things which could be taught, discussed, or done outside the usual SCA events of tourneys, wars and banquets. This was before colleges got started, remember. So that's how Medievalcon became an independent event. Steve and Kathleen Goldin were in on it, too. I need one of the program booklets to remind me of all the people in on it.

“John and I had experience running conventions, so we decided to try it. I don't recall if the first one even got out of the red, but we were crazy enough to try it again. People came, learned, and seemed to like it. But when we stopped doing Medieval cons, nobody said anything, so we assumed they weren't going to be missed.

“If more information is wanted about Medievalcon, which is technically outside this history, then John and I can scrape up old memories and tell you.

“Steve is right; John's voice had not been appreciated until then. For many years, John was a very good herald, not only at West Coast events, but even at a Pennsic or two.” – Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani

“I missed the first one through being dead broke at that time. The later one or two were a blast, especially the one where we shared the hotel with the very large group of cheerleaders from all over the nation.” – Steven MacEanruig.

Beggar’s Burdica Revel -- Barony of the Angels
June 3, 1973

Held at Sequoia Park, San Gabriel, California. House Irini and House Merriment were the hosts. Only the Baron and his officers were allowed to come in court dress. There was a cooking contest for beggar’s dishes (less than $2). About sixty five persons attended. Alejandro de Salamanca was now the Failte Master of Sciences.

Second Baronial Expedition -- Barony of the Angels
July 7, 1973

The members of the Barony traveled to Goleta, CA, in the Barony of the Isles, for swimming at the beach. Diantha de Castalia became the Mistress of Arts.
Orc Hunt Tourney -- Barony of Calafia
July 7, 1973

Held at Pine Grove Picnic Area, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. This was the first of a monthly series of tourneys held on the first Saturday of the month.

SCA Demonstration -- Barony of Calafia
August 26, 1973

Put on at the Balboa Naval Hospital, San Diego, CA.


Orc Hunt and Dinner -- Barony of Calafia
September 1, 1973

Held at the Laurel Street Bridge Area, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. Box lunches made by the ladies were auctioned off. A potluck dinner was held at the Heaton residence, followed by a revel. Däwyd Äspärä Suomalainen became Master of Sciences. Persephone of Woodland was Mistress of the Office of the Keys.

  Medieval Firechariot Rally -- Barony of Calafia
September 2, 1973

The rally started at the May Company Parking Lot, Mission Valley Center, off Interstate 8. Some knowledge of medieval history was needed to catch the clues. Edmond du Battlemont was the autocrat.
  Baronial Treasure Hunt -- Barony of Calafia
October 6, 1973

Held at the Laurel Street Picnic Area, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. Each fighter had a piece of the map. The winners got the loser’s pieces. The final winner thus got the whole map and found the treasure. Ghalib ar-Rahhman was the autocrat. Armand Sebastian de la Forêt de Savigny was admitted to the Order of the Serpent’s Talon (?).
  Anniversary Tourney -- Barony of Dreiburgen
October 12, 1973

Held in Fairmont Park, Riverside, CA. Waldt von Markheim and Alys von Markheim (Alison von Markheim) were the autocrats. There were lists for First Dragon-Slayer of Gorgonoth, fighting, games, the second Barbed Pheon punning contest, breadbaking contests for white, dark, and other, and a contest for non-alcoholic beverages. A revel followed. Thomas of the Double Axe was now Master of Sciences. Christina Jehanne de Bruges won the punning contest and was admitted to the Order of the Barbed Pheon.


Anniversary Tourney -- Barony of the Angels
October 13-14, 1973

Held at Cienega Campgrounds, Castaic, CA., in the Angelus National Forest. Queen Seitse attended. With the delegated authority from King Henrik, she gave an Award of Arms to Piers Howells de Cambria. Queen Seitse, with the assistance of Duke James Greyhelm, Sir Steven MacEanruig, and Sir William the Lucky, knighted Christian of Orange, Hugh the Undecided, and William of York. As she was not a knight one of the other knights held the sword and Queen Seitse placed her hand on top. Piers Howells de Cambria was made Vicar of the Angels. Lists for the Champion of the Barony were won by Sir Hugh the Undecided. The ladies present gave a wreath to Sir Steven MacEanruig for fighting and dying most gallantly. Tyra Stuart of Moray won the Hester Spoon for the cooking contest. Boncueur won the Wizard of Argh award for puns. A tri-baronial council was held to discuss forming a principality in the south. There was an herb class, a watercress gathering contest, melees, challenges, skulking, exercises after dark and revelry. Bevin Fraser of Sterling was the autocrat. Danielle Christine du Bryant became Mistress of Arts for the Canton of Eastern Gate. Katrina de Provence became Mistress of Arts for the Canton of Failte.

“An amusing event. When Henrik heard we were going down he gave us a list of names of fighters and basically told us that if we thought any of them were good enough, we should go ahead and knight them. We decided they were and went ahead and knighted the three listed above. We had actually traveled down there with Gordon (William of York) in his large white sedan car. I seem to recall that this was the event where all the fighting was in the dirt parking lot because that was the only place big enough. I have vague memories that a few of us also abducted Bevin at this event, though it might have been another one. We kept telling her that she could scream now and she kept letting out little squeaks, telling us later that she wasn't the screaming kind.

“As I recall, James held the sword for Christian, I held it for Hugh, and William the Lucky held it for William of York.” – Steven MacEanruig

“Seitse was so nervous she actually knighted 'Christian the Orange.' This was the first time (I think) that anyone other than the reigning King had knighted anyone.” – Verena of Laurelin

“I think the first time was mine in AS VII. Paul was King and asked Sir Fredrick of the West Tower to do the honors for the Crown. Any other times this happened?” – Jerald of Galloway

“I'd forgotten about that, but your comments bring it back to mind. I remember some joking about it with Christian later. Actually, the first time anyone other than the reigning King had knighted anyone was Bruce of Cloves in the East kingdom by Ardral (as I recall).” – Steven MacEanruig

“The way back was a fun trip as well. William the Lucky and I had started writing what eventually became our two-volume Obnoxious Songs to Kill Your Enemies By songbooks. We tended to write them coming back from tournaments and on the way back from this one we wrote several, "The Triumph of the West" to the tune of "Battle of New Orleans" and "Small Circle of Friends" which has apparently gone on to become a minor SCA classic filk song. Checking the book, we also wrote "From the Halls of Calafia". – Steven MacEanruig

  From the Halls of Calafia
From the Halls of Calafia
To the shores of Puget Sound,
We will slay our doughty foemen
Where ever they are found.
First with broadsword then with greatsword,
Then with axe and mace also;
We will cleave them where we find them
From the head down to the toe.Tune'Marine's Hymn'
By Duke James Greyhelm, Sir Steven MacEanruig, Sir William the Lucky,
Duchess Verena of Laurelin, and Sir William of York
Returning from the Angels Anniversary Tourney
14 October, VIII
  Baronial Masque Ball -- Barony of Calafia
October 20, 1973

Held at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Hall, San Diego, CA. There were contests for Best People Disguise, and Best Nonhuman Creature Disguise. Käthe von Munchhausen was the autocrat, appearing as Draco the Rediculous, a green dragon. Matriana du Cameliard was now Mistress of Arts.
  Columbus Day Tourney -- Reislingshire
October 20, 1973

Held in Kearney Park, Fresno, CA. Douglas Longshanks, the Seneschal, was the autocrat. Lists for Champion of the Shire were won by Duke Paul of Bellatrix. A revel followed in a private home. This was the first event.
  Fall Tourney -- Barony of the Isles
October 21, 1973

Held on the UC Santa Barbara Campus, Santa Barbara, CA. The Barony of the Isles was separated from the Barony of the Angels. Jessica Lyrindi of Northmarch was Baroness and Seneschal, and autocrat of this event. Sir Christian of Orange won the lists. This was the first Isles tourney.
  Fighting Demonstration and Bardic Revel -- Barony of Dreiburgen
November 3, 1973

Held at the Riverside Public Library, Riverside, CA. House Markheim hosted a Bardic revel that evening.
  Calafian Birthday Tourney -- Barony of Calafia
November 10-11, 1973

Held at the Lawn Bowl Green, Laurel Street Picnic Area, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. On Saturday there were lists for Champion of the Barony, whose prize was a Barrel Hume of special design by Kirby Wise. There were lists for Arbiter of Beauty, who could present the Girdle of Hyppolyta to the lady of his choice. There was a banquet and revel at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. On Sunday there was an Orc Pleaser contest, games, and an embroidered sleeve contest. King Henrik attended.
  Fighting Demonstration -- Barony of Dreiburgen
November 17, 1973

Held at Olive Dell Nudist Camp, Cotton, CA.
“What is the story about the above? Was this the extreme in the relaxation of armor standards? As it was in November, wasn't a bit cold for an all-natural event?” – Roger of Belden Abbey
“I'm curious too ... even if the protective gear was permitted (nobody cleared an exception with the Earl Marshal, I can swear), wouldn't plate and chain against bare skin be excruciating in November? For that matter once the armor is off, how does one differentiate between period skin and contemporary skin (visions of goose flesh set off with coronets, pendants, belts and chains appear)?” – Kevin Peregrynne
  Medieval and Renaissance Performing Arts Workshop -- Barony of the Angels
November 17-18, 1973

Held at the Pilgrimage Theatre, Los Angeles, CA. The Barony manned a booth. Ximena Aubel de Cambria was the autocrat.
  Blind Man’s Bluff Tourney -- Barony of Calafia
December 1, 1973

Held at the Laurel Street Picnic Area, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. There was a meat pastie contest and games.
  Holiday Faire and Medieval Market -- Barony of the Angels
December 1-2, 1973

Held at House Irini, San Gabriel, CA. House Irini and House Merriment were the sponsors.
  Demonstration Tourney, Canton of the Eastern Gate -- Barony of the Angels
December 6-7, 1973

Held at the Chapman College campus, Orange, CA. Andreant Vauxges d’Alsace was the autocrat. There were prize contests for best shortswordsman, best lady with a boffer, best double weapons fighter, Champion Protector of Naugas (whose hides were in common use in the area), fiercest, funniest, and best worded challenges, most chivalrous, most artistic dying, most medieval in appearance and deed for a lady, and the Golden Fox award for the lady judged most kissable. There was a poetry contest for poetry on the spot and another for poetry in honour of one of the ladies present. There was a potluck luncheon on Saturday. There were revels Friday and Saturday nights.
  First Annual Isles Drinking Contest -- Barony of the Isles
December 8, 1973

The participants met at the Old Mission in Santa Barbara, CA. They went to various medieval style locations to take pictures. The contest was held in the evening. Naverlandt was the winner. Raymond Crüs Hümmer was the autocrat.
  Mistletoe Feast -- Barony of Calafia
December 21, 1973

Held at Palacio Mabuhay, San Diego, CA. Palacio Mabuhay presented the Second Shepherd’s Play, followed by the feast.
  KPFK Christmas Faire -- Barony of the Angels
December 22, 1973

Held in the Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA. The members of the barony participated. Bevin Fraser of Sterling was the autocrat.

[The following was not part of the original annotated history, but was received in email on July 1, 2003:]
"This event actually occurred on two consecutive weekends, starting the weekend before the one listed. The event was really a demo, as the faire was a fund raising affair for the NPR station named.

"On the first weekend, Henrik came down (he was King at the time). A crowd of about 20 of us (in garb) went down to LAX to pick him up. Even then, people couldn't just go into the arrival and departure areas, so we recieved permission for two of the ladies to go in and guide Henrik out the door where we were waiting. As he stepped through the gate, someone stepped up behind him and threw a cloak over his shoulders, the rest of us went to our knees, and a herald proceeded to loudly announce him by the full list of titles for the King of the West---right there on the main concourse at LAX! He was stage-whispering "Get up! Get up!", but we stayed planted on our knees until the herald had finished.

"After that days activities were done at the Faire, the lot of us decended on an icecream parlour just before closing time. The staff were really great in agreeing to serve us, even though it meant that we were going to keep them past when they would have otherwise gone home. We were still in garb and Henrik was wearing his mail shirt. As we were filing past the register to pay our bills, you could see by their wide eyes that the staff were overflowing with questions. When Henrik stepped up to pay his bill, the dam broke. In answer to questions about his mail and whether it would really protect someone who wore it, he turned to Aeofweg and asked to borrow the dagger Aeofweg was wearing. Henrik proceeded to poke himself several times in the stomach, and then gave the dagger back. The staff were amazed. Outside in the parking lot, Henrik groaned a little and lifted up his shirt. There were little red pinpricks all over his belly. He turned to Aeofweg and said "Milord, your blade is slimmer than the one I usually do that with."

"Henrik, myself, Christian of Orange, Renfield the Wanderscribe of the Inland March, and Aeofweg Aeofwegsson all crashed on the floor in Bevin's apartment in Santa Monica. I crashed by the front door, Renfield had the couch, Aeofweg was behind Bevin's desk, Christian was by the patio doors, and Henrik was opposite the bar by the short hallway that led to the bathroom and Bevin's bedroom. I roomed with Christian for many years, and it was his habit to sleep with a window open. This was no different---he opened the patio door a little. Bevin's apartment was three blocks from the ocean, and a cold, damp draft came into the room. Aeofweg began quietly complaining, but Christian ignored him as if he were already asleep. Renfield bought the act, and as he was fairly close to the pario door, got up to close it. He banged a shin on the coffee table and managed to barely avoid tripping over various pieces of furniture (it was very dark in that apartment---you could follow Renfield's progress by the noise he was making). Since he was up, Renfield decided to make a trip to the bathroom, and started feeling his way toward it. "Beep." Renfield "Huh?" A little further.."Beep, beep." A couple more steps.."Beep, beep, beep." Renfield Henrik, is that you?" Henrik "I don't want to be stepped on, therefore, I'm a marker bouy...beep, beep." At this point, we all dissolved into howls of laughter. I laughed so hard I could hardly breath. At this point, Bevin came out of her bedroom, snapped on the hall light, and said "How dare you people have all this fun without me?" "Beep" a couple more steps.."Beep, beep." In the light, she could see that Henrik was the source, twigged immediately to what was going on, and if it weren't for the proximity of a barstool, she would have ended up on the floor. I saw Henrik in Milwaukee last year, and when I reminded him of these things, he didn't remember them. Oh well...they're fond memories for me.

"The second weekend, Andrew of Riga and William the Lucky came down to help us out. Andrew, William, Christian and Hugh the Undecided worked out a fun bit of schtick with the participation of two non-SCA belly dancers. (Trying to remember who did what) Huge and William each grabbed a belly dancer by the wrist and dragged them, screaming and struggling, across the main floor of the Palladium and into a side room (where the rest of us could maintain a safe fighting area for the spectators). Andrew and Christian came running after, and a battle (with predetermined outcome) ensued. After dispatching the dastardly Huge and William, Andrew and Christian doffed their helms, led the rescued damsels to one side, and kissed their hands... whereupon, said damsels slapped the two of them across their faces and fell, sobbing, across Huge and William. Great stuff!

"On the way back to Bevin's apartment that day, we were convoying with Bevin in the lead in her little sports car, Alejandro de Salamanca in his car by himself (he was going to peel off and go back to his place), and Christian driving his car with his lady and myself in the front seat, and William and Andrew in the back. Going around a corner, Alejendro's car stalled and he couldn't get it to restart. Alejandro had been removing some of his upper garb as he drove. As Christian was very good at auto mechanics, Alejandro got out of his car and came back to ask Christian for help. Christian got out and soon had Alejandro on his way. When he came back to his car, Christian noticed a look of shock on Andrew's face. He asked "Andrew, what's wrong?"

Andrew "He's bald!" Christian "Yeah, so?" Andrew "But..but..He's bald!" In all my days, I've never seen such a whipped-puppydog look on anyone as I saw on Andrew that day. It's as if someone he trusted completely had said "Yep, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but the world IS going to end tomorrow." Alejandro always dressed well, and all of his garb was completely accessorized, which always included hats. Andrew had never seen Alejandro without a hat. It was the complete destruction of an image." -- Eric Von Rheinhausen
  New Year’s Party -- Barony of Dreiburgen
December 31, 1973

Held at the home of Troklas Kuzn and Yolanda Kosima, Riverside, CA. The Canton petitioned Their Majesties in December to let them become the Barony of Dreiburgen. The three castles in the name referred to the local cities, Riverside, San Bernadino and Ontario. At Twelfth Night the King agreed and it was sent to the Board of Directors.
  (No event title) -- Barony of Dreiburgen
January 8, 1974

The Board of Directors granted baronial status to the Barony of Dreiburgen. Waldt von Markheim and Alys von Markheim (Alison von Markheim) were the founding Baron and Baroness, and the Seneschals
  Twelfth Night Revel -- Barony of the Angels
January 12, 1974

Held in the St. Joachim’s Church Hall, Costa Mesa, CA. King Andrew attended. He held court and gave Awards of Arms to Aeoelwig Ilfwigsson, Alejandro de Salamanca, Armand Sebastian de la Forêt de Savigny, Curtiss of Westlake, Diana of Savigny, Eric von Streign, Jessica Lirindi of Northmarch, Persephone of Woodland, Richard of Rawnsley, and Thomas of Waverley. Then King Andrew knighted Edgar the Unready. Baron Sárkáyi admitted Bevin Fraser of Sterling, Catriona NicChlurain, and Renfield of the Inland March (Edmund Renfield Wanderscribe) to the Order of the Seraphic Star, and Sir William the Lucky to the new Order of the Angelic Star, for those not resident in the barony. Baron Talanque admitted Armand Sebastian de la Forêt de Savigny to the Order of Leodamas. Tamara iz Kiev and Raymond Crüs Hümmer were wed. A feast was served, prepared by Sir Christian of Orange and Alejandro de Salamanca. Conrad von Regensburg was the pursuivant.
  Twelfth Night Revel -- Barony of Calafia
January 12, 1974

Held at the St. Joachim’s Church Hall, Costa Mesa, CA. Baron Talanque admitted Armand Sebastian de la Forêt de Savigny to the Order of Leodamas. The baronial offices changed hands. Cristóbal degli Gilicine che Mangia Uome took over the Office of the Keys, Jon Trimara became Chancellor of the Exchequor, Wilhelm von Messer became Trident Pursuivant, and Persephone of Woodland became the Seneschal. Aeoelwig Aelfwigsson and Renfield of the Inland March (Edmund Renfield Wanderscribe) were admitted to the Order of the Golden Ram (new) by Baron Waldt von Markheim.
  Revel -- Reislingshire
January 19, 1974 (AS VIII)

"Upon hearing that His Majesty Andrew of Riga was to turn 21 shortly after being Crowned King, Douglas and Lorna determined that a celebration Revel was in order. Moreover, the fact that it was to be a surprise birthday party was kept secret by all.
"Sabrina de la Bere contrived to get Andrew of Riga to the event. Amanda and Ian of Cawdor provided the place. Paul of Bellatrix baked and made the cake. A good time was had by all." -- Sabrina de la Bere
  Thirteenth Night Revel -- Reislingshire
January 30, 1974

Held at the home of Craig of the Chambers, Fresno, CA, in honor of King Andrew and Queen Salomé. Alicia de Landelle sang her own songs, and Douglas Longshanks wrote a ballad for his Majesty.
  Love Feast and Spring Revel -- Barony of Dreiburgen
February 2, 1974

Held at the home of Thomas of the Double Axe, Redlands, CA. There was a Copper Cauldron cooking contest for fondues. The Lusty Wenches Guild was out in force.
  St. Valentine’s Day Feast and Court of Love -- Barony of the Angels
February 9, 1974

Held at San Fernando Mission Park, San Fernando, CA. The armigerous ladies of the barony were the hosts. There were discourses on the art of courtly love, a court, and instruction in the gentler arts (dancing, poetry, etc.).
  Winter Festival -- Barony of Calafia
February 16-18, 1974

Held where? Janay d’Aquitaine was the autocrat.
  Baronial Expedition -- Barony of the Angels
March 2, 1974

Held at the East Fork of the San Gabriel River, CA. A picnic lunch was held. Ximena Aubel de Cambria was the autocrat. Diantha de Castalia resigned as Mistress of Arts and Ximena took over.
  March Hare Tourney -- Barony of Calafia
March 2-3, 1974

Held at the Laurel Street Lawn Bowling Green, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. On Saturday there were lists for Champion of the Barony. A cooking contest for soup and breads provided lunch. There was a revel at Palacio Mabuhay. On Sunday there were games, dancing, melees, and a box lunch auction, with the lunches made by the ladies and the men bidding. Persephone of Woodland was the autocrat. Eadmond du Battlemont and Virginia Bright Angel were admitted to the Order of the Golden Trident.
  Demonstration Tourney -- Barony of Dreiburgen
March 9, 1974

Held at the Riverside Public Library, Riverside, CA. Aeoelwig Aelfwigsson was the autocrat, and deputy seneschal. Later he took over as seneschal.
  All Day Dance Workshop -- Barony of the Angels
March 16, 1974

Held at Swann Hall, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Monrovia, CA. Ximena Aubel de Cambria was the autocrat.
  Quadri-Baronial Committee Meeting -- Principality of Caid
March 23, 1974

Held at the home of Sir Christian of Orange, Westminster, California, to make plans for the proposed southern principality.
  Failte and Eastern Gate Pre-Crown Tourney -- Barony of the Angels
March 23, 1974

Held in Sigler Park, Westminster, CA.
  Westminster Carnival of the Arts, Canton of Eastern Gate -- Barony of the Angels
April 6, 1974

Held at the Westminster City Hall, Westminster, CA. Ian of Stamford autocratted an SCA demonstration.
  Baronial Dinner -- Barony of the Isles
April 6, 1974

Held at the home of Martin the Temperate, Santa Barbara, CA.
“I found the SCA in Santa Barbara about 6 months earlier in November AS VIII. I met up with an old high school buddy who was a member, Rupert Fairchild. He suggests I give it a try. I attended a couple of local revels and fighting practices, (pretty barbaric training techniques leaving me black and blue but I persevered.)
“This is the first event I host. Because it was published in The Page, a "long time" member of the SCA who had never been to an event found us. Namely Maihie McFergy who knew my mother and recognized my name. Maihie is a boon to the barony because of his energy and because we now have a critical mass of fighters, enough to start showing improvement among ourselves. Maihie and I start traveling to other baronies and more importantly, to Western "crown" events.” – Martin the Temperate
  Royal Tourney of Union -- Principality of Caid
April 20-21, 1974

Held at Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, CA. The autocrats were Waldt von Markheim and Alys von Markheim (Alison von Markheim), Bevin Fraser of Sterling, and Aeoelwig Aelfwigsson. King Andrew attended and held court. The Baronies of the Isles, the Angles, Dreiburgen and Calafia were merged into the Principality of Caid. The Charter of Union was read. King Andrew assumed the title of Prince of Caid until the first Prince could be chosen by combat. The name Caid had been coined by Master Boncueur. It is an acronym of the initials of the four baronies and means “The Fortress” in arabic. The Seneschal of the new Principality was Bevin Fraser of Sterling, the Crescent Herald was Conrad von Regensburg, the Constable was Sir Hugh the Undecided, the Deputy Chancellor was James of the Dunes, the Chancellor of the Exchequer was Anneka Danzer de Naverlandt, the Mistress of Arts was Meg Shelford, the Master of Sciences was Friedrich Eric Helmut von Rheinhausen, and the Knight Marshal was Sir Christian of Orange. King Andrew gave Awards of Arms to Britta Atlantica, Diantha de Castalia, Nicholas Bleumert, Stephen Totenkopf, Thomas of the Double Axe, and Wilhelm von Messer. King Andrew admitted Alejandro de Salamanco, Armand Sebastian de la Forêt de Savigny, and Däwyd Äspärä Suomainen to the Order of the Leaf of Merit. There were challenges, melees, a lists for the title Champion of the Principality, a potluck dinner Saturday night and a bardic circle. There was a cooking contest in main dish, side dish, and dessert.

“They were having a lot of trouble coming up with a name until William the Lucky pushed them by threatening to name the new principality Post Tir if they didn't get their act together.” – Steven MacEanruig

“Ah, yes, the naming of Caid ...
“There were four very proud, and very independent, baronies in the south of the kingdom. When An Tir became a Principality, nothing would do but they become one also. First (and aliments last) problem agree on a name. Each barony had a suggestion ... and would accept nothing else -- certainly not any suggestion from one of the other baronies. Lack of agreement continued for months.
“Some people have done very well in official positions by being endlessly patient with idiocy -- I'm afraid I just don't have endless patience. So I wrote to the four baronies suggesting that they agree on a name by a deadline that was only a couple of weeks out. Otherwise, as Steve noted, "since the Principality in the north of the Kingdom is An Tir, the one in the south of the Kingdom will be Pos-Tir." The name Caid, agreed to by all four baronies, arrived by return mail. Perhaps it does not pay to suffer fools gladly.
“Almost as fascinating is the official Caidian history of how the name was chosen. Unsurprisingly, it does not actually mention any exterior influence on the decision process. It does give a really elegant explanation for the name (an acronym of the names of the four baronies); clearly someone was a dab hand with a foreign language dictionary collection.” – William the Lucky

“I had the impression that William had come up with the name from rumor at the time. Thanks for clearing that up.” – Charles of Dublin

“I was actually present in Boncueur's kitchen when this name came up. A bunch of people were sitting around discussing the possible names. Someone (forget who) noted that the initials of the four baronies (Angels, Calafia, Isles, Dreiburgen) spelled ACID -- which made great sense to all of us. That's what spurred the search through the foreign language dictionaries for what they might also spell that would make a good principality name that would be acceptable to others. (Although there was a strong vote for ACID ...)
“And that's why some real traditionalists always spell Caid will all capitals.” – Eilis O’Boirne

“I remember that the site had a lake with a bridge and it was there that I fought in my first abduction rescue (before you had to organize the rescue when you were organizing the abduction). Sir Hugh the Undecided & 3 others abducted one of the ladies & ran over the hill to the lake-making their stand on the bridge, Hugh being on their right end. The bridge was only 4 men wide in the middle but narrowed to 3 at the near end. They stood where it narrowed so we could only come at them 3 at a time. King Andrew strolled over the hill after them and made a pretty speech about how ordinarily this would be treason but under the circumstances it was just good clean fun (did they abduct the Queen perchance? It's a little fuzzy). Anyway, the rest of the fighters then engaged, me being on our (rescuers) right, as far away from Sir Hugh as I could be. The first man killed on their side was killed by me, after which they were overwhelmed right handily. It was my first kill in a tourney (I had joined in June VIII) and if I hadn't been hooked before that would have done it! Sir Hugh the Undecided won the Lists for Champion of Caid (which technically he still holds since we never held another). Later that night there was a bardic circle & after that I drank Maihie McFergy (who had introduced himself as "Maihie, not your he, not his he, but Maihie) under the table-which would have been an extraordinary feat even if I had not been a teetotaler. The next day, having slept out in the open he was the first one up, singing loudly, “What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor?” & rousing the camp, to everyone's annoyance.
“Within a short time Rondel Negra-Khan had written “The Ballad of Sir Hugh the Undecided”, which is still requested down here quite frequently after all these years.” – Charles of Dublin
  Medieval Fashion Show -- Barony of the Angels
April 24, 1974

Held at the California State University at Fullerton campus, Fullerton, CA. The show was put on by the Costume Guild. Anemarie Varre of Helsingør was the autocrat. Wit the formation of the principality of Caid many of the baronial offices changed hands. Catriona NicChlurain was the new seneschal, Cadhla Morga NicChlurain was Seraph Pursuivant, Eyana bat David NicChlurain was Mistress of the Lists, Rosemary of Talmont was Chancellor of the Exchequor, Sir Hugh the Undecided was Constable, and Sir Christian of Orange was Knight Marshall.

Spring Tourney -- Reislingshire
April 27, 1974

Held in Kierney Park, Fresno, CA. Douglas Longshanks was the autocrat. Once again Duke Paul of Bellatrix won the lists for Champion of the shire. There were pair and team melees, Blind Man’s Bluff, clench-a-wench, and a potluck revel.

“This was Patti, Rand of Dunbar and my first Rieslingshire experience. We arrived Friday evening at Ian and Amanda's house, discovering that the weekly shire poker game and beer party was in progress - upon our arrival this continued (sans poker) as an in informal revel involving the entire Shire populace and all of the out of town guests, lasting until the small hours. Saturday's tourney was low key and fun - everybody fought everybody else several times (I think I did fairly well in the Champion Lists, but I don't remember how well). The after tourney revel was at Douglas and Lorna's house and matched or surpassed Friday for endurance and enjoyment. Sunday everybody met at Radio Park for bashing practice and sharing of techniques with the out of towners, then headed home.
“As the three of us were just getting out of Fresno on our way home Carnary, our VW square back broke down. After AAA towed us to a foreign car repair place (closed on that day and hour), we phoned Ian and begged sanctuary. By the time he got us and our gear back to his house a revel similar to Friday's was already forming. To cut the story short - by the time our car was fixed and we departed for home again on Thursday after brunch, the three of us had experienced Rieslingshire hospitality to a mind boggling extent - with visiting and discussions of the whichness of why during the days and revelry every evening until we dropped. As we made our farewells we dubbed them the SCA's only permanent floating revel.
“We didn't miss another Riesling event (including while my arm was in a cast) for the next several years.” – Kevin Peregrynne
“One of the fighting events that occurred that day was a melee where, Duke Paul, Sir Kevin and myself (as Kevins squire and fairly new fighter) fought against all of Rieslings fighters (6 or 7 ?). Kevin and I held the right flank and Paul charged the left. While the extent of my participation was guarding Kevin’s flank, I was shocked to find that at the end only the three of us were standing.
“Also where we broke down was on Highway 99 just outside the town of Madera. I still remember the station attendant telling us that if we wanted too, we could look through a hole into the ladies room. The guy wasn’t too bright because Patti was in it at the time (Kevin can tell you about that story!).” – Rand of Dunbar

  May Day Festival -- Barony of Calafia
April 27-28, 1974

Held at the Laurel Street Picnic Area, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. On Saturday there were lists for the right to crown one’s lady Queen of the May, and the title Arbiter of Beauty. The two then presided over the revel that evening at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. On Sunday there was the Queen of the May’s court, followed by a maypole, hide and seek, clench-a-wench, poison, dancing, twealsey-whopping, challenges, dessert contest, and an arts auction. Matriana du Cameliard and Meg Shelford were the autocrats. Meg Shelford and Wilhelm von Messer and Armand Sebastian de la Forêt de Savigny were admitted to the Order of the Golden Trident.
  (No event title) -- Barony of Dreiburgen
April (?), 1974

Alys von Markheim (Alison von Markheim) and Waldt von Markheim admitted to the Order of the Golden Ram.