Grossmont Renaissance Faire -- Barony of Calafia
May 6-7, 1972

Held at Grossmont Junior College, San Diego, CA. A demonstration tourney was held. The barony began having biweekly minitournies (fighting practices) at Balboa Park. Eilonwy de Lyur was the Pursuivant Extraordinary.

(No event title) -- Barony of the Angels
May 14, 1972

Baroness Rhiannon pen Tyrhon resigned as Seneschal and Debreceni Illona took over

Westercon/Mythcon Demonstration -- Barony of the Angels
June 30 to July 4, 1972

Held in Long Beach, CA. On one of the days a demonstration was put on. King James attended. Pwyll pen Tyrhon and Rhiannon pen Tyrhon resigned as Baron and Baroness. King James reappointed Uillem Thorken Hardhans as Seneschal for the Isles.

(No event title) -- Barony of the Angels
June, 1972

Baron Pwyll pen Tyrhon formed a Council of Regency, composed of Sárkáyi Gerö as Prefect, Jerome Robert of McKenna, and Christian of Orange. Christian of Orange was now Seneschal of the canton of Failte, as well as Knight Marshall.


(No event title) -- Barony of the Angels
July, 1972

Friedrich Eric Helmut von Rheinhausen became Master of Sciences. Christophili de l’Estoile and Diantha of Castalia became Deputy Mistresses of the Arts.

At a MiniTourney (?) -- Barony of Calafia
July (?), 1972

Bruno von der Eiche, Curis of Westlake, and Lysander of Sparta were admitted to the new Order of the Serpent’s Talon.
Tri-Baronial Tourney -- Barony of the Angels
August 12, 1972

Held where?

(No event title) -- Barony of Calafia
August, 1972

Leodamas of Thebes died. David du Lac was appointed Master of Sciences. Launcelot de Questwood became Procurator. Garryl Harper Flaming Sword was Knight Marshall.


Anniversary Tourney -- Barony of the Angels
September 9-10, 1972

Held in Centinela Park, Inglewood, CA.

“I remember being bedazzled at this, my first SCA event. I had first heard about the SCA a week earlier, at the LA Worldcon. Bevin Fraser of Sterling told me of having had some nebulous correspondence from a few people out in the San Bernardino-Riverside area, where I lived, so I contacted them and found that they were already starting what was to become Dreiburgen, with semi-regular gatherings in Riverside. They included Alison and Waldt von Markheim, Carl Nelson (SCA name forgotten), Thomas Doubleaxe (Ed Sitch), and a few others.” – Edmund Renfield Wanderscribe

I'd met Bevin and the SCA at Worldcon, too -- and things have never been the same. Carl Nelson, BTW, is Aelfwig Aelfwigsson. --Jared Blaydeaux

“Ah, yes. I remember something of this tourney. At the time, I was dating Bevin Fraser, as was Gerald Harper. I can't say that we were precisely in a spirit of good competition, since we both were serious about it, but we weren't really enemies either. Along came Ed who proceeded to act as if Bevin really belonged to him and Gerald and I spent a certain amount of the tourney considering how to disappear him forever. Bevin was, of course, the master of her own destiny and the last time I talked to Ed about this we had quite a good laugh over it.” – Steven MacEanruig

“I'm flattered. Bevin, aside from being intelligent and beautiful, was the one person who more than any other did encourage me to take an active part in this SCA thing. While I certainly had desires such as Steve mentions, I never felt I had any hope while these two veterans appeared to hold sway in her heart -- at least, as much so as anyone could. I was and am proud to have had her friendship.
[Bevin was, of course ...] “Truer words have never been written. She was, and always has been, that. That's partly why she was such an excellent seneschal.” – Edmund Renfield Wanderscribe

“I always enjoyed the Angels and Calafian tournaments in those days. Possibly this is because I was apparently into long distance romances. Lots of long drives on I-5 when it was basically empty of people and gas stations for up to 75 miles at a stretch.” – Steven MacEanruig

  (No event title) -- Barony of the Angels
September, 1972

Launcelot de Questwood was appointed Procurator for the Registry on Angels. Debreceni Illona resigned as Seneschal and Bevin Fraser of Sterling took over. Sárkáyi Gerö was recommended as the next baron.
  Founder’s Day Parade -- Barony of Calafia
October 14, 1972

Held in Westminster, CA. The Barony marched in the parade.
  Markheim Invitational Samhaine Tourney -- Barony of Dreiburgen
October 29, 1972

Held in Fairmont Park, Riverside, CA. This was the first event of the Canton of Gorgonoth, part of the Barony of the Angels. Waldt von Markheim was the Seneschal and autocrat. There were lists for the title of First Dragonslayer of Gorgonoth. Revels followed.
  Anniversary Tourney -- Barony of Calafia
November 1, 1972

Held in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. Baron Talanque took over as seneschal.
  Twelfth Night Revels -- Barony of Calafia
January 13, 1973

Held at the Palacio Mabuhay, San Diego, CA. Meg Shelford was the autocrat. There was a live chess game. Baron Talanque formed the Order of Leodamas and admitted Eilonwy de Lyur as the founding member. Baron Sárkányi Gerö admitted Sieglinde von Krause to the Order of the Seraphic Star (Barony of the Angels).
  Indio Date Festival -- Barony of Calafia
February 16, 1973

Held in Indio, CA. The SCA put on fighting demonstrations. There was a parade on the nineteenth.
  Garden Grove Artisan’s Guild Parade -- Barony of the Angels
February 17, 1973

Held in Los Angeles, CA. The Barony participated and won the Artisan’s Guild Trophy. A fighting demonstration was held. On the following day the ladies of the Barony put on a medieval fashion show.
  First Baronial Expedition -- Barony of the Angels
February 24, 1973

The expedition gathered at the home of the Incomparable Giacomo, and traveled to Joshua Tree National Park and then to Hadley’s, an emporium specializing in dried fruit, nuts, etc. A picnic lunch was held.
  (No event title) -- Barony of Calafia
February, 1973

Däwyd Äspärä Suomalainen was Chancellor of the Exchequor. Janay d’Aquitaine became the Seneschal. Carla became the Mistress of the Lists, Meg Shelford became the Mistress of Arts. Armand Sebastian de la Forêt de Savigny was Knight Marshall.
  Spring Tourney -- Barony of Calafia
April 28-29, 1973

Held in Balboa Park at the Pine Grove Picnic Area, San Diego, CA. There was a costume contest, a cooking contest for bread and soups, challenges, and on Saturday night a banquet and revel at Pacacia Mabuhay. Sunday there were lists.