Mythcon Demonstration Tourney -- Barony of The Angels
September 6, 1970

Held at Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, as part of the Mythopoeic Society’s first Mythcon. The new barony put on a fighting demonstration. The founding Baron and Baroness were Pwyll pen Tyrhon and Rhiannon pen Thyrhon. William of York was the first Seneschal.

Fall Tourney -- Barony of The Angels
November 21, 1970

Held in Chatsworth, CA. William of York was the autocrat. King Henrik attended.

“Held at Baron Pwyll pen Tyrhon's residence.” – Frederick of Woodlyn
“Henrik was presented with a model (about 2 feet high) of the “Angie-Leanne”, Atenveldt’s first trebuchet by Michael of Moria, Woodford of Lorien (and others?) from Atenveldt.” – Henrik of Havn

Midwinter Tourney and Twelfth Night Revel -- Barony of The Angels
January 9, 1971

Held on the grounds of the Bull and Bush Public House, Costa Mesa, CA. King Jean attended. The officers of the barony swore allegiance. Sárkáyi Gerö was now Seraphim Pursuivant. Christian of Orange was Knight Marshall. Jerome of McKenna was made Knight Marshal for Calafia. Lists were held for the right to proclaim one’s lady “fairest”. With King Jean’s permission Baron Pwyll created the Baronial Order of the Seraphic Star, for service to the Barony. He admitted Charles Edward Alexander of Everman, Christian of Orange, Friedrich Eric Melmuth von Rheinhausen, Sárkáyi Gerö, and himself, as the Principal of the Order.

PresidCon Demonstration -- Barony of The Angels
February 14, 1971

Held at the Royal Inn, Santa Monica, CA, as part of PresidCon.

Spring Tourney -- Barony of The Angels
April 17, 1971

Held on Lassen Road, Chatsworth, CA. There was archery, fighting, dancing, a recorder concert, and lists for Champion of the Day. A revel followed in the evening.